I Have A Secret

Today is day four of the WinterABC calendar and I have decided to spill some beans😅 So I have a secret. And that secret is…I have a secret blog 😅 That’s it. That’s my entry for today. I haven’t been encouraged to post on it lately because I’ve been doubting myself but here it is. … More I Have A Secret

Her Peace

Today, I am sharing what else I do on my blog, Short Stories. I love creating fictional characters and tell their stories. Here is something I wrote a few months ago but saved in my drafts folder. There is no better time to bring it to life than in the WinterABC season. “Oh, Hi…Hey” She … More Her Peace

Day One!

It’s that time of the year again. This day is an anniversary for quite a number of things. I am celebrating one year of friendship with so many bloggers from all over Africa. Last year was absolutely exciting for and the highlight of my blogging journey so far. I am so excited to be doing … More Day One!

Happy Africa Day!

Beat the drums. It’s time. It’s time to dance to the tunes our ancestors sung when the sun went down and the moon awoke from it’s slumber to join in the celebration. Today we dance as homage to the ones that were before us and died helpless deaths at the hands of people who took … More Happy Africa Day!

Product Review – Glam And Glory (Glam & Glory) Anti-acne Cream

Product Name – Glam & Glory Anti-acne Cream Manufacturer – Lifeon (India) Weight – 30gm Composition – Aloe vera, Neem, Curcuma Long, Tea tree oil, Cream base. Price – K18 – K25 (Zambian Kwacha. Roughly $0.99 – $1.38…wait…what! *Laughs in inflation* ) “Glam and Glory’s anti-acne cream clears acne and lightens acne scars. It has … More Product Review – Glam And Glory (Glam & Glory) Anti-acne Cream