Popular Zambian Bloggers

After searching the world wide web, here is a list of amazing Zambian blogs to follow.

I have been looking for Zambian blogs to follow and I thought I would share my findings with you.

I didn’t find an updated list of Zambian bloggers so I thought I would compile one on my own as the list I found was compiled years ago. It was a hard quest but I tried my best to come out with strong results.

If you’re a Zambian blogger and I didn’t include your blog here please send me an email so the list can be complete.

Without further ado, I present to you my fellow bloggers from Zambia (in no particular order).

  • Mafashio

Award winning bloggers Sekayi & Tukiya Fundafunda are fashion bloggers who started their blog in 2012 as a street style blog documenting the bold and beautiful on the streets of Lusaka.

Blog site:


  • The Zambian Plain Jane

Sooooo…can I include myself? Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a Zambian blogger. I have a category for general blog posts with topics from everyday life situations, personal experiences, womanhood, especially from an African woman’s point of view, depression etc. I also have a category dedicated to some of my writing; short stories. I also have a category dedicated to Interviews I conduct with amazing people I meet. I also have a category dedicated to Reviews where I review products, places etc.

Blog site:


  • Chipo Autumn

Chipo is an amazing Zambian travel blogger who loves Zambia and traveling and writes about her experiences on her blog.

“I am in love with Zambiaโ€™s landscape and I am forever taking pictures of it.”

Follow her to go on an amazing discovery of Zambia in the comfort of your home.

Blog site:


  • Dose Of Wonani

Lover of all things life and art, Wonani is a University student who blogs about personal growth, travel, mental health and personal experiences.

She has also been nominated for an Afrobloggers award this year.

Blog site:


  • Elina Eriksson

Elina has been in Zambia since 2004 after deciding to move from her home country Sweden.

“A mixture of personal anecdotes, my opinion on whatโ€™s happening in society as well as photos, favourite recipes and whatever comes to mind.”

Blog site:


  • Diana

Diana blogs about business, self care, lifestyle, faith and mindset and much more.

Blog site:


  • Bex

This is a personal blog that encompasses various topics such as personal experiences, love, dating, motherhood etc.

Blog site:


  • Aquila

Aquila is as many a youth who believes in change and development that triggers prosperity in everyone.

Blog site:


  • Petra

Petra is a Zambian travel blogger who shares her adventures through words and pictures.

Blog site:


  • Bryan Manda

Bryan is a passionate Writer/Poet, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. He has categories such as poetry, interviews, fashion, lifestyle etc.

“Join me to an ongoing journey of artistic exploration through my passion for fashion and writing.”

Blog site:


  • Zesty Zoe

This is a yummy food blog that will make your mouth water.

“From this blog I hope to share with you the things Iโ€™ve learnt throughout my food journey that have subsequently made it easier.”

Blog site:


  • A Diary Of A Chik

This a lifestyle, food, mental health and business blog.

Blog site


  • Paul Shalala

Paul is an award winning blogger. He writes about current affairs, governance and politics.

Blog site:



Thank you for reading โค๏ธ

Send me an email: thezambianplainjane@gmail.com

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