What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Graduating From University

I hope this list will be helpful to someone. These are the things I wish I knew before graduating. The graduation is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It can be scary due to the fact that you find yourself face to face with different possibilities with different outcomes.

Here are five (5) things I wish I knew before graduating that I want to share with you:

1. Do Internships

These will help you to practice what you learn. Do not wait for your last year. Start as early as possible. They will shape your mind from that of a student to that of a professional.

2. Grow Your Circle

This is extremely important in today’s world of “connections”. Try by all means to rub shoulders with the elite. Involve yourself in school activities that will bring you before these people, when doing your internship, have a go getter mindset and push yourself to be as involved as you can with work and also take advantage of spontaneous moments. These may help you land your first job when you graduate.

3. Start A Side Hustle Or Start Planning For One

Having a side hustle is important in today’s economy. Start Planning for financial freedom early. For example, if your desire is to one day own a beauty supply store, start exploring your passion by taking advantage of your peers and turning them into customers. Find whole sale suppliers and take a step towards your dream. It will add extra coins to your pocket and also help you tap into your business side.

4. Learn How To Write A Curriculum Vitae And A Cover Letter

Start learning early. These are the documents that Will speak for you in your absence. They either make you look desirable or unprofessional.

5. Prepare Your Mind For The Worst

Jobs have become scarce. The number of youths helplessly searching for jobs is higher than ever (in my opinion). Be positive. Be optimistic about the future but leave room for disappointment. It will hurt less in case it takes a while for your doors to open.

Thank you for reading

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