Daily Affirmation

I wrote this affirmation last year when I wrote a short story titled “Ogress.” You can click here to read it. I love this Affirmation and I plan on printing it out and sticking it in my bedroom. Here it is: from me to you ❤️: “I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am blessed. … More Daily Affirmation

The Pact (Short Story)

A short story about two best friends, Liluba and Nchimunya, who navigate the dating world in hopes to find love. CHAPTER ONE “Hey Nchimunya. I am already at the restaurant. Where are you?” Liluba asked.“I am just looking for parking space. I will be right there.” Nchimunya answered. Liluba and Nchimunya were best friends. They … More The Pact (Short Story)


“What were you wearing?” My aunt asked me. “My Tshirt, a skirt and a chitenge.” I responded. “You must have been walking inappropriately then.” She said. “You are trying to destroy my marriage. Is this how you are going to repay me? I saved you from rotting in the village!” She yelled. I was walking … More Zinthu


A FICTIONAL STORY ON ABUSE AND OPPRESSION I wrote this story early this year. I was motivated to write it after coming across a short story competition that asked writers to write a short story titled ‘The Censor’ This story is entirely fictional and the pictures are only for illustration. I hope you’ll like it. … More OGRESS

Still you i want

Cheza and Celine have been married for five years. They live in Lusaka. Cheza is a manager at a grocery store. Celine is a lecturer at a college. Their marriage is falling apart. After Celine slaps Cheza with divorce papers, he realises he wants to save the marriage. Celine’s coworker who has had a crush … More Still you i want

Silenced pain💔 (A short story on female genital mutilation)

Kazanji looked to the sky as her legs were pulled by the village mothers. At this point, she knew her body was about to change. She looked to her left and saw her best friend in tears, screaming for help, asking the heavens to save her from the excruciating pain she seemed to be going … More Silenced pain💔 (A short story on female genital mutilation)